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M.A.D Music Business Services 

Here is a list of services that recording artists require: 

Professional EPK 
-Professional packages for Record Labels and A&R's
Career Mapping

- What are the next steps to take in your professional career?

- Music business awareness and guidance 

- Publishing oportunities record deals & production contracts.  

Now a days a DEMO just isn't enough. Record companys and investors want to hear the music, see your work ethic and your ability to generate fans. 

In this stage of development, we do just that. We help compile your professional Electrinic Press Kit (EPK). In short, a trailer highlighting your market value and current rate of success.  

Promotional Material

- Music Videos              - Advertising

- Marketing                   - Branding

- Merchandising          - Shows

- Tours                           - Press        

Advertising and visibility is key for any artist.  Our marketing team can help you determine the best forms of advertisment to acheive maximum visibilty and response from your target demographic.

In 2014 it is essential for an artist to understand the music business as well as the production. Great music goes unheard because there is no business set up to generate income or visibility.


Sit with a member of our team and we can help you figure out your next career move . Once you know where you are heaed you can focus, on your craft.



- Beat/ Instrumental Composition 

- Engineering 

- Song Writing 

- Music Business 101

Call in and book your session today. We offer one on one sessions with our staff in the area of expertise of your choice to help elevate your skill set.  



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