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MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

In the studios and upon request we have a catalogue of exclusive compositions that can't be found on any websites.

We offer original composition from various composers .

we currenly work with the sponsored links below : 


Online Catalogue                                                       Un-Published Catalogue 

STANDARD Lease 25$                                                     STANDARD Lease 100$


PREMIUM lease 75$                                                      UNLIMITED  lease 300$


EXCLUSIVE Lease  : Contact Us                                       EXCLUSIVE Lease : Contact Us

Select from a variety of vocal textures .

Let us know what you would like the Tag to say. (ex: www______ .com or ________Productions, Band, artist or company name.) We will send you audio samples for you to choose from. Great for Radio promotions, mixtapes, cds, websites and ringtones. 

AUDIO TAGS $50 per 3 TAGS 
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