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Additional Services Offered By M.A.D Studios

Still looking for more production services? Here are three areas an artist can improve on to help thier product stand out.


Hire a producer: To ensure you get the best possible results in the studio, sometimes two heads are better than one. Focussing on quality over quantity. 


Give your music a professional mix: Your skills as a recording artist are also ascociated with your quality of production. Sometimes good music goes under the radar because the mix wasn't clear and underwealmed the listeners or didn't compete with the level of production being offered by industry competitors.


Get custom audio tags: Audio tags are becoming more popular. TAGS make it easy for the listeners to distinguish your products.


Hire A Producer 

Freelance Producer: $100/Song sign on fee + 3%-5% Royalties (Depending On Services Rendered) ​


- Song Concept 

- Beat selection

- Beat Arrangement* 

- Verse(s) Tune Up* ( Structure, arrangement,    delivery) 
*Producer royalties and percentages are calculated on the SRLP of the single monophonic recording.

Co-write Verse(s)**

Co-write Hook(s)**
**Writers credit and royalties (25%-50% of writer(s)/performer(s) Artist portion apply

For more Information 


Re-mix Your OLD song with a higher quality  


Not happy with with your current mix ?


Bring us a copy of your old song and let us

Re-Mix  it. Let us know the areas you want us to change or improve and we will send you back a newer rendition with these changes.   

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Get Custum Audio TAG's. 


Select from a variety of vocal textures.

Let us know what you would like the Tag to say.  (ex: www______ .com or  ________Productions, Band, artist or company name. ) We will send you audio samples for you to choose from. Great for radio promotions, mixtapes, cds, websites and ringtones.                              For more Information 

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